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  • Travel Potty by Cool Gear
  • Travel Potty by Cool Gear
  • Travel Potty by Cool Gear
  • Travel Potty by Cool Gear

Travel Potty by Cool Gear

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This is possibly the most convenient potty for getting your business done on the go. It uses any gallon size zipper bag so there's no mess to dump and clean - just zip and go! Because it uses any gallon size zipper bag you never need to special order refill bags like some other potties. It folds up into an easy to carry briefcase that's perfect for a trip or just to keep in the car.

  • Two large storage compartments for wipes, bags, etc.
  • Uses any gallon size zipper bag
  • Supports kids up to 70 lbs.

Price: $22.50

Customer Reviews

Christy Says:

My son loves his travel potty. It takes the anxiety out of leaving the house when you first start potty training. At a large retainer he was proudly carrying it around like a brief case. It gave him the security to know that he could \"go\" when he needed to and there was no serious rushing to the nasty public restrooms.

Ashley Says:

I LOVE my travel potty. I have used it thousands of times, I\'ll bet. My son uses it on long car rides to see his grandparents, he uses it when there isn\'t a potty around. He used it a lot when we were first training and he had to go often - when we were running errands, etc. Just the other day we were standing in line at the post office - \"PEE PEE!\" he says - no public restroom? No problem! I have the bag and the potty ready at all times, we run out to the car, I deploy the potty (he is saying \"hurry mommy, don\'t want to pee pee in my pants!\") and he sits down and goes. Then we calmly walk back in and get in the back of the post office line. No embarrasing peeing in the grass or anything. I have even used it once or twice (squating of course) in dire circumstances.

Frankie Says:

Great concept and very convenient on road trips, especially when the restrooms are filthy!!!!! However I

Kay Says:

loved having one for my older daughter for road trips and parks with no bathrooms. unfortunately this one broke. i will be searching for a different one for my little one.

Tracy Says:

Could not be happier and my son is willing to GO on this potty when we are out and about. I just bought a second one!

Stephanie Says:

Love it! I take it everyone! Public bathrooms are often pretty disgusting, but I don't worry about it with the travel potty. My daughter uses it in the car as well.

Susan Says:

loooove this product. It's awesome. We use it in the car, and at the beach. my daughter is 20 months and has "big potty anxiety" so this works PERFECT. and I Love how light it is and how it uses gallon bags too. I"m A HUGE FAN!

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