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    Dec 01

    Dinosaur World: Glen Rose, TX

    December 01, 2010

    Travel doesn’t have to be about prancing around the globe, make a discovery right in your own backyard!

    Today, we took a great trip to Glen Rose, Texas’s very own Dinosaur World with our 18 month old twins, and Keagan, our 3 ½ year old.  Dinosaur World is located inside the Dinosaur Valley State Park, an approximate 2 hour drive from Dallas. After the drive to our exciting destination, we rendezvoused with a group of friends who also hail from Dallas. The main attraction is a long walking trail with large life size replicas of over 100 dinosaurs made out of fiberglass. They are strikingly real and very impressively detailed, the kids loved it! The excited three year olds teamed in packs, screaming out different dinosaur names. “Look, Triceratops! Let’s go see the T-rex!” As a bonus, they had a wonderful playground, and a great picnic area to accommodate our group.

    Even as an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed the park. It sparked my imagination and reminded me of my childhood; I don’t think I’ve ever seen these dinosaurs at such incredible sizes! The life-size Brachiosaurs were incredibly tall, seeing them in person is quite breathtaking.

    The twins especially loved the tour of the park, they kept us busy chasing them back and forth across the trail. Keeping up with 18 month old twin boys is not always consistent, but it sure is a ball of fun!

    Next time you’re looking for a great travel idea you don’t have to seek excitement across continents, you can look in your very own backyard!




    on Aug 31, 2012 at 11:23 am said:

    Dan, I worked for seonmoe who pointed agitatedly and looked random, but that's another story.Mike, yeah, I almost did the full illustration of him, it was close.Adam, I think you need to add an alluring stegowatzitus to your dino book. You can credit me in the back.Aaron, still one of the best windup toys ever.Bruna, Ha, thanks! Brian, there are plenty of other good reasons why I'm not a very good artist. But thanks, I'll add that to the list!

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