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Multiples Travel Tips

Multiples Travel Tips

Traveling with twin babies is manageable, but parents must be well-prepared. We recently traveled with our three month old babies to New York from Texas via airplane. Because we planned ahead, our flight and trip was amazingly trouble-free. We hooked our car seats into our double/twin snap-n-go stroller, and rolled it directly up to the gate, where it was securely stored by staff (along with our car seats). We knew that only one lap child is allowed per row, so my husband and I made sure that we had aisle seats right across from each other. This enabled us to help each other when needed through the flight. Believe it or not, our babies slept through most of the flight!

Here are a few of the multiple issues that we consider when traveling:

- Check all baggage! Remember to pack extra diapers, formula, baby food and outfits in your diaper bag just in case. You will not be able to bring your carry-on luggage when you and your partner are both carrying a baby. Check it.

- Even through you have checked all of your luggage, you will still be carrying quite a bit. Allow extra time to get through airport security.

- When packing, stop and think about everything you will need to make your trip more pleasant. Some great items to pack when traveling with twin babies:

- Two diaper bags or backpacks fully stashed with everything you need for each baby.
- Bjorn or sling baby carrier (for traveling through the airport)
- Nursing cover up or bottles with disposable liners (pack extra clean nipples in a ziplock bag)
- Pop A Tot (for infants or crawlers. It keeps babies off the floor, yet very entertained.)
- Boon spoon for feeding time.

- Play the twin card. You can get travel privileges that parents of one baby never get, but you have to ask! Tell every female ticketing agent and TSA security agent you are traveling with twins. Say something like, I am traveling with twin babies and we are about to miss our flight, can you help us? Dress your babies in matching outfits to play up the twin factor and ask for assistance whenever you need it. It is like traveling with two little celebrities: most every mom or grandma who works for the airlines will want to help you.

If you have other suggestions for traveling with twins or multiples, please email: (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)