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Toddler Travel Tips

Toddler Travel Tips

Tips for air travel with your walking toddler: also read our Family Vacation Ideas

When Should I buy my child a plane seat?
Most airlines will let your child fly free on your lap until age two. Many parents opt to start buying their child a seat between 12-18 months. If your baby is a squirmer you may want to consider this option. Parents have found when they bring their child's car seat on the plane they are more apt to chill out and enjoy the ride and sometimes even nap! In our baby boutique we have a Go Go Babyz device that turns your car seat into a "wheeling suit case" so you don't have to carry it.

imageConsider the stroller
When traveling with a walking toddler it's great to bring a light weight umbrella stroller and probably a harness. We suggest keeping the harness in the stroller storage compartment so it can be easily used when your child wants to stretch their legs.
You can check your stroller at the gate of most airlines. On arrival, it should be waiting for you.

Flight/Car Entertainment
From our interviews with parents we have heard that keeping your toddler busy and happy is their biggest challenge. See if you can get the window seat for your toddler to enjoy the taking off and landing if you are flying. Some of the tips that parents have provided are having new fun toys for your toddler to play with. Others have specifically suggested play-doh, coloring books and etch-a-sketch. Some parents have suggested using a portable DVD player for their child to watch their favorite programs while in flight or driving.

A Tip for kiddos 3 and up:
If your child is into opening gifts you can try buying several inexpensive toys and wrapping them. During the flight or car trip if your child is on their best behavior they get to open a new present every hour or so!

Snack & Drinks
When traveling with your toddler you will want to have plenty of snacks including some of their favorites but you may also want to bring a few new items too. Some parents have suggested easy opening and non messy snacks like: cereal bars, freeze dried fruit and small bite sized crackers. Because of air pressure changes, your child may be cranky, with discomfort in ears and tummy. Providing plenty of liquids for him/her should help ease ear pressure. If you need milk in flight you can bring a travel cooler with you.

Hotel Baby Proofing & Safety
When you arrive at your destination whether it be a hotel, time share, condo or grandma's you need to immediately start toddler proofing their new environment. Start by getting down on their level so you can see what temptations are around that they may try to get into.

If your child is a climber see what they can use as their "ladder" ie: any trash can or chair that is near a screened and opened window or balcony needs to be moved. We recommend not opening windows as screens will not keep your baby from falling out of the window. If you have a balcony or deck we highly recommend that parents carefully inspect that your child can't fit between the spindles and that all spindles are secure and not loose. Never leave your child unattended on any deck or balcony.

Cords to blinds need to be taped up high where they do not pose a strangulation risk. Loose electrical cords can be zip stripped together. All electrical outlets that are exposed to your toddler need to either be taped off with masking tape or have plastic plugs put in. If your condo has glass tables you can tape the rubber corner guards on each corner. If your child is an escape artist you will want to bolt lock the door and use the baby proofing plastic door knobs.

If you happen to have stairs at your final destination we recommend a baby gate which can be purchased in most locations at a nearby store (call ahead to find out). Lastly inspect your child's crib or pack n play make sure it is safe and clean.

Remember as the parents it's your responsibility to watch your children while on vacation. Please never leave your child unattended.

Toddler-Proofing Supplies
> Masking Tape
> Rubber corner guards
> Zip strips
> Plastic Plug outlet covers
> Plastic Door knobs

Car Rentals:
Some car rental companies do have car seats and some do not. We suggest calling ahead to be certain. When ordering a car seat for your child, be sure that you request a 5 point harness or the booster seat depending on what you use in your vehicle at home. Don't assume they know what type of car seat you will need. Many parents opt to bring their child's car seat and use the Go Go Babyz adaptor to wheel it through the airport.

Car Seat Safety
Selecting the right car seat is an important part of taking your child on any trip, especially when driving in unfamiliar cities. We have put together a comprehensive report to help you select the right car seat for your child! Here you will find all the facts you need to know concerning Rear-Facing Car Seats, Forward Facing Harnesses, as well as Booster Seats! Read the Car Seat Safety Report

Recommended baby gear for happy traveling:
Umbrella stroller & harness
Car seat
Compact, small diaper bag with a change of clothes, 3 diapers, and lots of wipes
Bottles with disposable liners, or sippy cups
Special snacks
Bibs & extra wipes
New toy and a few old favorites
Blanket & or other security item
Plastic bags for soiled items
Toddler Proofing Supplies
Cooler for Milk
Mattress Pad and Sheets for their crib

Remember as the parents it's your responsibility to watch your children while on vacation. Please never leave your child unattended.

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